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Archive for December, 2010

WordPress to Twitter

Toasting this blog occurred right in the middle of adding a function that pushes notifications of a blog post out to Twitter. Cool, right? Sure, because everyone wants to be on the Tweets these days. I mean, Ashton Kuchner or Justin Beiber (not sure which one) has the most Twitter friends or uses 3% of […]

Read More... iPhone App

The is a repeat of the iPhone app post, in case anyone didn’t download the app but were interested in it. has a free iPhone app that will show you details and location of any MLS listing in Canada. Its pretty easy and intuitive, and as I say, it will start by showing you […]


Foo Pah!

A friend dropped by last night during a seasonal family dinner. His heat was broken and he knew I’d have multiple heaters hanging around my cave of left behind treasures. My ADD kicked in and I took a few minutes to demonstrate to him how simple it is to upload WordPress themes. Quicker than you […]