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WordPress to Twitter

Toasting this blog occurred right in the middle of adding a function that pushes notifications of a blog post out to Twitter.

Cool, right?

Sure, because everyone wants to be on the Tweets these days. I mean, Ashton Kuchner or Justin Beiber (not sure which one) has the most Twitter friends or uses 3% of Facebook or something. Its great!

For me its great because I’m working on SEO right now. One of the first steps is to figure out how I’m doing right now in order to establish a benchmark.

In some ways I’m doing well. For example, I absolutely OWN the word “cowoperative”. Of course, nobody’s looking for that term, but I’ll take the small victories along with the big ones.

On the other hand, a few days ago my company page ranked #24 for “Coronet Realty Ltd“. Yesterday I had moved to 6th place, and today I’m 5th. Again, its not he best keyword in the world to generate new business, but it makes sense that if you search a company’s name they should turn up at the top of the search.

If you don’t work that it won’t happen. In the first place, other people and sites can get in front of you through chance. Guess what sites ranks best for Coronet Realty? Other sites of mine, and of Aaron’s. We didn’t try for that, but it happened.

Who else? Directory sites. I’m canceling my Yellow Pages contract (to the tune of $200/month). How do I replace that exposure? Google. How do the directories try to keep that business? By telling me that without their help I won’t rank in Google, because they’ll crush me on the SEO front. Want an example? Try to find the webpage for Pacific West Drywall Supplies. You won’t find it easily. Directories dominate them. (Makes it hard to figure out when they open if you’re looking at midnight).

So, for me Twitter is a great way to get keywords out into a huge, searchable database, by posting Tweets with keywords. For you it might be a good way to keep track of when I post something here or on my other blogs, or when I list a new property for sale or rent, or when we sell something or rent something out.

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