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Free Real Estate Classifieds

I’ve added a classified ads plug to this blog. The classifieds are free to just about anyone for anything. The plug in itself is free, so I figured why not share the wealth. I doubt anyone would pay me for them anyway.

I’m using the same plug in on some other blogs, and the hope is that I’ll be able to kill a couple birds with one stone. The first stone is to help FSBOs improve their chances of selling their properties. The second stone is to increase my search engine rankings and traffic. Obviously, achieving the second will help me achieve the first, but the content offered by the FSBO listings will hopefully help bring the traffic and raise the search rankings.

I’ve mentioned the sideline business that I want to develop of selling remote, interesting properties. Its mostly selfish. I like the Chilcotin and the Cariboo, and I want to fly. Getting to the Chilcotin takes time, and flying takes money. Combining the two in a way that generated some both excuses and income seemed like a no-brainer.

Research I’ve done on that market indicates to me that sellers aren’t well served there. Sell/lists are low, DOM’s are high, the ratio of FSBOs to agent listed properties is at least 50/50, and there are several non-agent services that seem like a real waste of time (in that they don’t appear to result in a successful sale).

My first goal is going to be to dominate a niche search market for few keywords and phrases – things like Chilcotin property, Chilcotin real estate, Chilcotin, off grid property, fly-in property, and remote property.

Depending on what sites I want to show up I rank from not too bad to brutal. For Chilcotin property I rank 4 and 26, 17 for Chilcotin real estate, not in the top 30 for off grid property, fly in property, remote property or the Chilcotin. That’s the starting benchmark, and its without putting much organized effort into it.

Few things happen overnight, and few things are gained without effort. First comes the ranking and the traffic, then we’ll see where to go from there.

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