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Zillow 5, three years later.

Back in 2007 I posted this about Zillow:

Bloodhound Blog has an interesting post on Zillow for anyone interested in alternatives to the current MLS. Zillow is brought to you by the same guys who brought you Expedia, and they seem to be combining some aspects of Wikipedia with a real estate database. Buyers and sellers can use the site, and there are advantages to Realtors to use it (and in fact, supply data to it). There are some challenges as well. Take a look.

(Here is another take on Zillow)

A quick look at recent Bloodhound posts about Zillow demonstrate that it has and hasn’t impressed. Its successful as an upstream fisherman, apparently, but not everyone thinks its revolutionizing home sales, especially in this down market.

I’ve stumbled across the old post while doing some SEO work, and it occurred to me that nobody’s been talking much about Zillow lately, (at least not in my earshot). You can check out Zillow here. It doesn’t look like the Wiki-Zillow described in 2007. It looks more like a run of the mill income generating website. Am I wrong, or is Zillow becoming a non-issue in terms of a Brave New Real Estate Industry?

7 Responses to “Zillow 5, three years later.”

  1. Turkey says:

    A little off-topic, but you mentioned ditching your Yellow Pages listing. It reminded me of this:

    Look at Nov. 9’s update. Apparently the “your-Google-listings-will-plummet” thing is something they’ve been aggressively playing up to discourage de-listing. It shouldn’t surprise you if it’s not true.

  2. Rob says:

    I like that. I’ve been learning a lot about SEO recently, and one of the biggest competitors are directories. The thing is, I don’t spend that much on Yellowpages, and its still $200/month. Whitepages are $50.

    However, when I first started googling my own company name I was way down in the rankings. Google doesn’t make sure my company ranks first for its name, which is fair – they”re a search engine company, not a directory company, and they offer a few ways to get ranked up. I think they also want searchers to find what they’re searching for, so cheesy directories will probably get dealt with at some time.

    So, you either have to get your rankings up yourself, or else pay someone to do it. If I paid $250/month for SEO would I get more action than yellowpages? Probably. But the $250 wouldn’t go to YP, and we’d just be clearcutting electrons.

    I’m onside, therefore, with yellowpagemountain. Thanks for the link.

  3. Danm says:


    Vancouver earthquake liquefaction map

  4. Whybuywhenucanrent? says:

    Zillow has changed RE buying for savvy buyers. Probably not so much for ordinary folk. There’s a lot of both kinds out there.

    The fundamental change is that you can instantly see historic sales prices. Of a house you’re interested in, and any comps.

    More recently, in the last year, they’ve started recording listings and removed listings. So if you’re new to the market and there’s a place listed at $200K, the basic zillow page for the property tells you if it’s been a listing queen or if its new to the market. You don’t need to ask your RE agent to see this info, your Real Estate agent doesn’t need to fuss with a balky computer system to find it (All RE agents seem to have balky computer systems).

    For instance, this classic A frame on Shaw Circle is new to the market.

    But, this nice bungalow on Park Dr. has been a listing queen since June 2009. Without price drops, interestingly.

    And this classic view property on Elizabeth Dr. has been listed a bunch of times in the last year, but has been cut from $649K to $402K.

    All in all, US RE is a whole lot easier to follow, thanks to

  5. Whybuywhenucanrent? says:

    Then there’s this nice single family home on Roosevelt Dr, listed at $116K. Think how interesting life would be if you could pull up similar information for the properties across the street…


  6. Rob says:


    Thanks for that link. That’s the part of FC I was thinking of. Immediately south of Prior when you exit the viaduct to the east.

    I think the Marinaside part of FC will be ok. What about Scienceworld?

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