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What Searchers Can Teach You

Google analytics and SEO work has been very instructive to me. Analytics tells you all kinds of information about your website, like how many visits you had, where the people come from and how much time they spend on your site. For example, this site has visitors from 33 different countries. People from China spend the most time on the site, followed by people from Germany. The really cool stuff is what keywords people searched on that brought them to the site. Some of the search terms are things I anticipated. Some, like “Rib Chipman”, are not 🙂

I have about 25 sites with keywords, and each site has varying levels of content. I look at Google AdSense reports for them and I was surprised something. It was a phrase that I would never have thought of, but it was quite precise and was related to the area: “Gun Lake real estate”.

Guess what my next blog post on that site was about? After all, if people are looking for something, why not give it to them? So, I posted the lake’s location, the elevation, it’s GPS coordinates, a map of the area, ways to get there , resorts and services and fishing information.

A lot for the information comes from other websites but I’ve put it together in a friendly concise fashion that’s easy to read and easy go through. That’s something that’s missing on a lot of sites on the Interweb. A lot of the high ranking sites are too advertising oriented and sometimes miss some of the cooler stuff that comes from digging through other sites.

Of course what I’m trying to get used to develop the business of buying and selling remote, waterfront, fly in or otherwise real estate throughout the Cariboo and Chilcotin. Someone searching Gun Lake real estate found one of the sites I maintain to help grow that business. And now I have a template that I can use time and time again with different lakes. Its an easy way to get good content up on the web that can generate Adsense revenue,advertising revenue, back linking opportunities and, most important, the opportunity to sell real estate services.

That’s killing more than one bird with one stone and that’s always worth while.

My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all around super hero based in Vancouver, BC. I really enjoy flying, playing guitar and hockey, real estate and the Chilcotin.  My company is Coronet Realty Ltd., located at 3582 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A7. I have a C-150L that I own with two other pilots, based out of Pitt Meadows. Do not hesitate to contact me byemail if I can help you do anything, especially if its likely to be interesting.

One Response to “What Searchers Can Teach You”

  1. WoW says:

    Hi Rob,

    The rules on strata fees, should they come to pass, will impact on condo prices (downward). As will:

    – rising inventory
    – rising interest rates
    – shortening amort periods (should it come to pass)
    – a change from greed to fear in the marketplace

    This reslient bear is still upber bearish, the rebound off of 09 lows is an aberation that will correct.

    Hope your doing well, love the new blog.