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New Property For Sale!

Semlin Drive for sale

We’ve just listed 948 Semlin Drive, in Vancouver. That’s just off Commercial Drive, in a very hot neighbourhood. MLS# V864302, listed at $615,000, 30.5 x 87 lot, in a traffic calmed part of town. This should go fast.

For more info contact Aaron Best by email or at 604-790-1295.

My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all around super hero based in Vancouver, BC. I really enjoy flying, playing guitar and hockey, real estate and the Chilcotin.  My company is Coronet Realty Ltd., located at 3582 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V5K 2A7. I have a C-150L that I own with two other pilots, based out of Pitt Meadows. Do not hesitate to contact me by email if I can help you do anything, especially if its likely to be interesting.

17 Responses to “New Property For Sale!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the gang tags on the Post Box. Photoshop maybe?

  2. Rob says:

    First – – get one.

    Second – “gang tags”? Really? From whom? The Crips? The Bloods? The Neighbourhood Imps and Scalliwags? Where are we? Compton?

    Third – Photoshopping that out can’t be good business, and its not necessary. Location, price and exposure should sell this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere there were gangs in Vancouver. My mistake. Doesn’t matter anyway. When I clicked on the picture to fullsize the graffiti jumped off the page. The first thought I had was gang tags. Maybe I’ll be the only one.

    Photoshop was my sedentary solution. Painting the box before taking the picture would have been best. Leaving the picture as is may not hurt the chances of selling but will it help?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Greater Vancouver Area Gangs

    14K Triad
    18th Street
    Big Circle Boys
    Born To Kill
    Brown Side Thugz – Indo Canadian gang in the Surrey, BC area. According to user sources, significant members have operated in the drug trade, sex trade, gun smugling, kidnapping, and murder .
    Daku Killaz – according to user sources, a violent Indo-Canadian gang located in East Vancouver, with close ties to the Independent Soldiers. The gang has allegedly been involved in kidnapping Indo Canadian business-men, home invasions, murder, and cross border human trafficking.
    Dark Cloud Bloods
    Death do us Part (DDP)
    Dosanjh Brothers – According to users, the Dosanjh Brothers were the first Indo Canadian gang in
    Vancouver. Brothers Ron and Jimmy Dosanjh were killed in separate hits in 1994 and 1995 in a drug turf war by former associate-turned-rival Bindy Johal. Bindy Johal then took over the gang in the mid 1990s until he was murdered in a Vancover night club on in Dec 20, 1998. The deaths of such members, often revered for the respect they attracted, continue to influence young Indo Canadian gangsters. (for more information on Indo-Canadian gangs, see this Vancouver Sun article)
    Eastside Disciples Crips (connected to 1960s-era Eastside Disciples?)
    The Elite (Richmond, B.C based Indo-Canadian hit squad)
    FBK – South Vancouver Indo-Canadian gang
    Hell’s Angels
    Independent Soldiers (Vancouver Indo-Canadian gang)
    Indo-Canadian Mafia
    KBC – major Filipino gang in the 1990s with membership from 60-100 (now defunct)
    Kapital Ground Brotherhood (KGB)
    Krazy Cambodian Killers KCK
    L.A Boys (Latino gang)
    Los Diablos (as of 1989)
    Mara Loca (Latino gang)
    Mobtown Crew – East Indian organization in East Vancouver
    Night Crawlers
    Persian Pride (now defunct)
    Red Eagles (as of 1989)
    Red Scorpions – users report that the Red Scorpions were originaly formed in the Young Offenders
    facility in 2000 and from there continued to grow. They are muli-cultured, as race is secondary to loyalty and respect. They have allegedly been involved in a variety of serious crimes, and a range of international ties. However, users say they are small in numbers (20), and most are in prison.
    Sunset Boyz – East Indian gang from Southeast Vancouver
    Sur 13
    Surrey Jacks – Indo-Canadian gang in the Surrey area, involved in car theft, home invasions and kidnappings, according to user sources.
    TJ Thandi
    U.N Gang (Abbotsford, B.C based gang. U.N stands for United Nations because of
    the gangs multiracial make-up; Indo-Canadians, Asians, Persians, Whites)
    Viet Ching (also heavily reported on the US west coast, especially Los Angeles. According to a 1999 article by Agence-Presse France, “The two largest gangs in the United States are the Los Angeles branch of the Viet-Ching and the Born To Kill gang of New York city, also affiliated to the Viet-Ching.” According to other reports, Vietnamese gangs such as Viet Ching have typically leaned more towards organized, high-tech and business crime, including extortion and human trafficking)
    West Coast Players WCP (Black gang of pimps and drug dealers)
    WCPM – West Coast Punjabi Mafia, Indo-Canadian crime organization with ties in California

  5. Alexcanuck says:

    Yeah, we got gangs. What else is new?
    (Mostly a gravatar test, though.)

  6. Alexcanuck says:

    Gravatar test 2

  7. Rob says:


    I’m guessing you don’t live here if you heard somewhere that we have gangs.

    Take your list of gangs, divide them by the number of murders we have, and you won’t have enough murders to go around.

    We do have gangs. The cops can’t prosecute them easily. There has been violence spilling over and hurting, and even killing, innocent bystanders (Gastown, Surrey, but not East Van).

    However, I don’t think Bindy Johal or Kevin Bacon were spending much time tagging mail boxes in East Van. Graffitti doesn’t equal gangs in Vancouver, and its all over the Lower Mainland.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I guess you know your target audience for this type of product better than I would. Obviously I’m not it. Maybe an investor who as no plans to live there. I just can’t imagine a mailbox covered in graffiti in the middle of my property photo could be anything positive. I could see the agent missing it when he takes the picture. Kind of like I miss that pile of folded laundry my wife leaves at the bottom of the stairs. But once it has been pointed out I thought you might agree it looks bad.

  9. Rob says:

    An existing house isn’t really a target market kind of product. Its not as if I’m creating a product that I can sell to a market I choose to sell to (when I sell my services I am doing that, and I do have a target market, but I have control over that). If I was turning a bunch of old industrial land into a bunch of new waterfront condos then the target market would matter. In this case it just is what it is.

    In this case the house is located in a desirable area just off the Drive. Graffitti isn’t a minus, and let’s be honest – photo-shopping it or painting the mailbox would be misleading. How do you explain that away once you’ve got someone standing outside?

    I appreciate that the house and the area may not be your cup of tea,(and its not mine, either, which is why I live in North Van) but it is what it is. And while you can’t imagine a graffitti covered mailbox being a positive, the fact is that some people are drawn to the Drive because its not Kerrisdale. Call it urban grit or local colour. One man’s negative is another man’s “who cares?” or “I kinda like that”. And since disguising it or hiding it is dishonest…What are you gonna do?

    All that said, while I don’t see it as an obstacle I wouldn’t like it outside my house. They aren’t gang tags, though, and your 3 year old could ride her tricycle safely upand down that sidewalk. Its a good neighbourhood.

  10. Pearl says:

    It’s in an excellent location and looks like a good price (although we don’t know about about condition of the property). Napier is probably the nicest cross-street on the Drive.

  11. 1 says:


    The real estate board’s stats show North Vancouver benchmark prices down from levels 3 years ago.

    What do you make of the N. Van market, and are prices starting to become any more attractive in your view?

  12. Turkey says:

    Rob (or Aaron!), what’s the story with the change-of-plans in the basement?

  13. Rob says:


    There was an old basement suite that needed work. When the current owner bought the property he removed it as well as the balance of the suite. He had plans to reno the house into a single family place. In the meantime life occurred and his plans have now changed. Ceiling height is ok, but not great. There is a good amount of natural light, with it being a corner property.

    1 – North Van, long term, is solid (long term being 10 years plus). Remember, as we pointed out near the start of the month, big gains in Van West and Richmond dragged the LM averages up, but there were drops in about half the regions. I see continuing stagnation.

    If you really want to get into North Van (say, get out of Vancouver, get more room for the growing family in NV), I’d certainly start watching that market closely for opportunities, but NV is a relatively small market place with restricted land and a lot of micro markets. Unlike some areas (say, MR), I don’t think we’ll see a ton of opportunity there. I think a higher proportion of owners in NV can hold.

  14. anon says:

    Easy access to drugs and hookers right off E Hastings. should sell quick, good grow op opportunity…

  15. Rob says:

    Its actually a bad grow op candidate.

    Easy access to East Hastings and all its glories is not, in and of itself, a negative. Whether you like that fact or not is immaterial – its a simple fact. Commercial Drive and Strathcona are both either in or a stone’s throw away from what is often called Canada’s poorest postal code (makes you question that phrase and its motivation), and yet both have a certain cachet derived from urban grit that translates into real dollars and real demand.

    There’s really no sense denying that.

    BTW, grab a handle and an avatar.

  16. SC says:

    Nice little property in Vancouver. although not the standard lot, for that price who can complain. You are in a good area with a decent house (not tear down)

    Where are the hardcore bears lately? The ones that say the price will be worth 50% in a year. 🙂

    Another year has passed..and everything is still ok. Still remember when Rob had the blog going several years ago, bears were screaming that the sky is falling. SELL NOW SELL NOW!

    Silly bears.

  17. anon says:

    fools are still rushing in, with interest rates at 2% its no surprise, and now a push to get all the 5/35’s in before the deadline.

    Give it time, one thing that doesn’t change is human greed.