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Archive for January, 2011

I Bet I Can Win A Race To The Bottom!

Do you want to race to the bottom? I’ll bet you I can win. With the coming of the Internet and the ability to sell things on line the cost of sales has dropped dramatically. If a product can be sold in a completely digital format then once the initial setup costs have been covered […]


Going Through The Motions?

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was an interesting learning experience. I took the day off work, which was very restful. Taking the day off meant that I went into the office three times, answered several business calls, showed a property, did the banking, and answered emails. The “different” part was that I didn’t feel […]


Weekly Vancouver Real Estate Stats Jan. 3-9

Total inventory for the REBGV/FVREB was 14,223, of which 6,027, or 42.38%, were over 90s. For the REBGV the numbers were 8,846, 3,799, and 42.95% For the FVREB the numbers were 5,377, 2,228 and 41.44%. There were 876 new listings, 180 price changes and 286 sales in the REBGV, for a sell list of 32.65%. […]


Assessments Are Out

Property assessments are out, and as any of you who own property know, they’ve gone up. West Van’s have gone up 13%. Vancouver’s are up something like 12%. Greater Vancouver overall rose about 17%, as is Richmond. How does that correspond with the benchmark values we saw in the last stats release? Vancouver – Assessment […]


Zillow 5, three years later.

Back in 2007 I posted this about Zillow: Bloodhound Blog has an interesting post on Zillow for anyone interested in alternatives to the current MLS. Zillow is brought to you by the same guys who brought you Expedia, and they seem to be combining some aspects of Wikipedia with a real estate database. Buyers and […]


December Real Estate Stats from REBGV

The Stats Pack is out: News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Real estate market stable at year-end VANCOUVER, B.C. – January 5, 2011 – The Greater Vancouver residential housing market entered three distinctive phases in 2010. Continued buoyancy from the post-recession recovery began the year, followed by a summer lull and, throughout the fall, a sustained […]


Weekly Vancouver Real Estate Stats – Dec 27-Jan. 2

Total inventory for the REBGV/FVREB was 13,503, of which 5,981, or 44.29%, were over 90s. For the REBGV the numbers were 8,419, 3,812, and 45.28% For the FVREB the numbers were 5,082, 2,169 and 42.68%. There were 189 new listings, 110 price changes and 243 sales in the REBGV, for a sell list of 128.57%. […]


Free Real Estate Classifieds

I’ve added a classified ads plug to this blog. The classifieds are free to just about anyone for anything. The plug in itself is free, so I figured why not share the wealth. I doubt anyone would pay me for them anyway. I’m using the same plug in on some other blogs, and the hope […]


Predictions for Vancouver Real Estate in 2011

Happy New Year! As Dan Gardner has been pointing out lately, predictions are a win-win for the prognosticator. As he puts it, professional forecasters adopt a “heads I win, tails you forget that we had a bet” approach. Or, as Ozzie Jurock once advised “predict often, and don’t provide timelines” In short, most predictions are […]