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Election Prediction

What started as a boring, unwanted election has turned into something interesting. Can you imagine Jack Layton flitting down to Washington to talk about healthcare and shutting down the tar sands with Obama? (But how would he handle Obama asking him to keep the troops in Afghanistan? :-))

Its fun to picture.

Meanwhile, Scott Reid, longtime Liberal party operative, exemplifies the Liberal party’s problem with his observation that the election presents this question to the electorate: Do you care about the Liberal party’s future? The assumption that Liberals have a right to govern based on their past hangs around like a bad smell. 38% of the popular vote makes them think they’re they only national party , while similar numbers lead them to think Harper is an usurper! Something tells me that the electorate notices the delusion.

And the Tories? They’re not campaigning on what what they’ve done or what they’ll do. They’re playing the trap!

Its not a surprise to me that Layton’s surged.

So, its going to be an interesting election day. Tell me what’s going to happen. Will Ujjal Dosangh and Hedy Fry survive? Will Bob Ray get his chance to lead the Liberals? If so, can he enter a coalition with the NDP without killing the Liberal party? Will the NDP surge fade? Will people play it safe, vote the economy and give Harper a majority?

Personally, its too close to call for me.

Vote once, vote often!

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