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Archive for May, 2011

Behind the Scenes

It may look like things are dead here, but in fact I’ve got a project going on behind the scenes regarding the stats. If things work out we’ll have an improvement here before too long. Stay tuned! My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all around super hero based in Vancouver, […]


Inventory Graph Updated

I’ve updated the comparative inventory graph. Inventory is still high, but it’s growth is starting to slow, I think. Given low rates, steady demand and the slowing inventory growth I mention I don’t expect any radical price moves in the coming two months. My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all […]


Smoking Prohibited in Your Home

There is often talk of the government banning smoking outright. That’s a tricky proposition, since the government gets a lot of money from tobacco taxes. Many would argue that the money is exactly why government drags it’s feet. Is there another solution? It turns out that there may be. I’m starting to see more strata […]


April Stats Release

The Board has just released the April Stats package. Here’s the news release: REBGV Newsflash May 3, 2011 April Stats Greater Vancouver housing market sees typical spring activity in April Greater Vancouver saw a typical, solid month of residential home sales on the Multiple Listing Service┬« (MLS┬«) in April, in contrast to the near record […]


Weekly Vancouver Real Estate Stats April 25-May 1

Huge news tonight. Some may downplay the importance of Bin Laden, but there is no doubt that his death at the hands of the United States is indisputable. Almost ten years ago the President said that they would kill Bin Laden, and tonight the President announced that they’d done it. I don’t think the lesson […]