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Sea Turtles

Ostional is a beach about 8 kilometres north of where we’re staying in Guiones. It’s known for “arribadas”, which are mass arrivals of nesting sea turtles. Green turtles and Leatherbacks come here, but the most common ones are Olive Ridley turtles.

We went a few nights ago and saw none, nor did we see the local guides. In fact, we tried to get information about the guides but everything was closed.

We heard today that the turtles had arrived, so we headed over, and sure enough, the guide hut was open and there were plenty of people around. $8.00 per person got us a good guide (Eduardo) who knew a lot about the turtles. They live about 60 years. They weigh from 40 to 60 kilograms. They lay between 80 and 120 eggs, which hatch between 45 and 50 days later.

There are lots of turtles. If you’re not careful you’ll bump into them. You have to use a red light on the beach so as to not disturb the turtles, which is why the picture is so red. I’ll try to get some video later.
Olive Ridley laying eggs

Olive Ridley turtle laying eggs

If You Go:

Do some research on when the arribadas occur, and then confirm, when you arrive in Guanacaste, that the turtles have turned up. They’re pretty predictable, but you need to go when they’re there.

Look for the ADIO hut (Local Development Assoc. of Ostional). It’s a little block building on the beach side of the main road. They’ll have the lights on, with an information video playing and guides waiting for you. Bring a red light.

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