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October 31, 2013 Inventory Level Out

I mentioned in the October Stats Release post that I would post the October 31 inventory levels as soon as I received them, and I now have them.

The REBGV number on the Actives vs. Sold pie chart (which is the figure I consistently use, but which varies a bit from the figure used in the stats release) is 17,896 actives vs. 2,763 solds. Last October the numbers were 19,999 and 2,029. Clearly, this last month was a better month for sellers than October 2012.

Additionally, we have dropped enough that we are no longer at the third highest level ever for October. The October rankings from high to low are 2008, 2012 and 2011. We are now slightly under 2011 levels. This is a good sign for price sustainability and sellers. If this trend continues we should end January 2014 around the 13,000 level.

Monthly inventory levels can be found on the Comparative Inventory by Month page.

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