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BREAKING NEWS: BC Real Estate Report – $250K Penalties

            Advisory group says real estate council also needs greater scrutiny and powers to punish wrongdoing. The Real Estate Council of B.C. created the independent advisory group back in February, amid allegations that some real estate agents were flipping homes multiple times before deals closed.   An independent advisory group […]


What is “shadow flipping”?

The hot market in the Lower Mainland has a lot of people upset. Not everyone, mind you, but a lot of people. One of the things that the hot market has spawned is the issue of shadow flipping. What exactly is it? The answer can depend on who you ask. Flipping itself is poorly defined. […]


Realty’s/RE Agents: Proper Accounting of ‘Client Funds Held in Trust’

        A case in point on this topic is the recent temporary license suspension placed on Re/Max Tumbler Ridge Realty with respect to their accounting of client funds held in trust. This suspension by the Real Estate Council of BC (‘RECBC’) has once again put this agency in the position of having […]


Dishonest Realtors and The RECBC

In the wake of a recent CTV news story by Lynda Steele (Dishonest Realtor’s Punishment Questioned by Victim) involving the Real Estate Council of BC’s disciplining of of a Vancouver area realtor, Whispers From the Edge of the Rainforest blog has run a couple posts that I’ve commented on. Additionally, Trish Johnson, who regularly posts […]


Buyer Beware – Discount Listing Services

It is a fact that real estate sales commissions in Canada are completely negotiable. It is against the law to fix them at any specific level. The Competition Bureau, an arm of the federal government, is motivated to prosecute anyone it can find guilty of doing so. In fact, it has been involved in a […]