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Buyer Beware – Discount Listing Services

It is a fact that real estate sales commissions in Canada are completely negotiable. It is against the law to fix them at any specific level. The Competition Bureau, an arm of the federal government, is motivated to prosecute anyone it can find guilty of doing so. In fact, it has been involved in a […]



I trust everyone had a happy and restful Easter, and that everyone enjoyed the Canucks’ game (outcome aside). I lost track of time and completely neglected to do the stats. I’ll see about figuring out a way to interpolate them, and if not I’ll fix it next week. On another note, reading through strata minutes […]


Who Wants Their Own Piece of the ‘Net?

We’re becoming more and more wired. The web is like a Gutenberg printing press for everybody with a keyboard. You can share ideas, concerns and opinions with people more easily today than ever before. The potential for good is awesome. Blogs, podcasts, traditional websites, home based web businesses – these are all fun things that […]


Cow-Operative Update

I’ve made some progress on the Cow-Operative, and updated the Cow-Operative site to reflect that. If you’re interested in the Cow-Op, drop me a line, or visit the site and sign up for automatic updates. My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all around super hero based in Vancouver, BC. I […]


How Do You Sell Your Own Property? Part 1

Some people want to sell their own property. As a big DIYer myself, I can’t criticise that. The transaction cost in real estate is very high, and if an owner can successfully sell their own property they can save thousands of dollars. And, like any other do-it-yourself activity, success pays a huge satisfaction dividend. There […]