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Archive for the ‘Real Estate 2.0’ Category

Inventory Graph Updated

I’ve updated the comparative inventory graph. Inventory is still high, but it’s growth is starting to slow, I think. Given low rates, steady demand and the slowing inventory growth I mention I don’t expect any radical price moves in the coming two months. My name is Rob Chipman and I’m a realtor, pilot and all […]


New Sell/List Graph

There is a new Sell/List by Week Graph. Traditionally anything over 50% is a seller’s market and anything under is a buyer’s market, but that becomes more true the further we are from the 50% line. The graph line begins with a dramtic plunge because we had triple digit sell/lists the last week of 2010, […]



You have to love what some guys will do to make a buck. I have several websites, so I get these things pretty regularly. It looks like a bill from a domain registry, but in fact its not. I wonder how many people get these things and just pay them? I wonder why they don’t […]


I Bet I Can Win A Race To The Bottom!

Do you want to race to the bottom? I’ll bet you I can win. With the coming of the Internet and the ability to sell things on line the cost of sales has dropped dramatically. If a product can be sold in a completely digital format then once the initial setup costs have been covered […]


Zillow 5, three years later.

Back in 2007 I posted this about Zillow: Bloodhound Blog has an interesting post on Zillow for anyone interested in alternatives to the current MLS. Zillow is brought to you by the same guys who brought you Expedia, and they seem to be combining some aspects of Wikipedia with a real estate database. Buyers and […]


Free Real Estate Classifieds

I’ve added a classified ads plug to this blog. The classifieds are free to just about anyone for anything. The plug in itself is free, so I figured why not share the wealth. I doubt anyone would pay me for them anyway. I’m using the same plug in on some other blogs, and the hope […]


WordPress to Twitter

Toasting this blog occurred right in the middle of adding a function that pushes notifications of a blog post out to Twitter. Cool, right? Sure, because everyone wants to be on the Tweets these days. I mean, Ashton Kuchner or Justin Beiber (not sure which one) has the most Twitter friends or uses 3% of […]

Read More... iPhone App

The is a repeat of the iPhone app post, in case anyone didn’t download the app but were interested in it. has a free iPhone app that will show you details and location of any MLS listing in Canada. Its pretty easy and intuitive, and as I say, it will start by showing you […]