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Buyer Beware – Discount Listing Services

It is a fact that real estate sales commissions in Canada are completely negotiable. It is against the law to fix them at any specific level. The Competition Bureau, an arm of the federal government, is motivated to prosecute anyone it can find guilty of doing so. In fact, it has been involved in a […]


Permit or No Permit? What’s The Best Route With a Strata Reno?

A lot of people don’t like getting permits for renovations to real estate. I understand that. It’s more costly (at least in the short term) and it complicates the procedure by introducing inspections, plans and fees. However, there is no question that when dealing with strata titled properties permits are the way to go with […]


The Damages From Grow Ops

Hydroponic marijuana cultivation can cause a great deal of damage to real estate. It often requires renovations to property. These renos might cause damage to the home. The repair costs can be huge, generally reaching the multiple thousand dollar mark. In extreme cases grow ops result in the house being torn down. Hydroponic grow systems […]