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Who Wants Their Own Piece of the ‘Net?

We’re becoming more and more wired. The web is like a Gutenberg printing press for everybody with a keyboard. You can share ideas, concerns and opinions with people more easily today than ever before. The potential for good is awesome. Blogs, podcasts, traditional websites, home based web businesses – these are all fun things that […]


What Searchers Can Teach You

Google analytics and SEO work has been very instructive to me. Analytics tells you all kinds of information about your website, like how many visits you had, where the people come from and how much time they spend on your site. For example, this site has visitors from 33 different countries. People from China spend […]


Free Real Estate Classifieds

I’ve added a classified ads plug to this blog. The classifieds are free to just about anyone for anything. The plug in itself is free, so I figured why not share the wealth. I doubt anyone would pay me for them anyway. I’m using the same plug in on some other blogs, and the hope […]


WordPress to Twitter

Toasting this blog occurred right in the middle of adding a function that pushes notifications of a blog post out to Twitter. Cool, right? Sure, because everyone wants to be on the Tweets these days. I mean, Ashton Kuchner or Justin Beiber (not sure which one) has the most Twitter friends or uses 3% of […]