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Archive for the ‘Taxes’ Category

What Entitles You To The Fruits of My Labor?

As municipal election time approaches I’m reminded of a question that is basic to democracy: what entitles you to the fruits of my labor? We tend to ignore this rather foundational question. It’s human nature to form communities and cooperate. It makes sense to most people that the fortunate should help the unfortunate. Progressive income […]


HST Results-What Do They Mean?

The results from the HST vote are in and the Yes side won. The tax brought in with little consultation and in conflict with pre-election promises must now be reversed. Why did this happen? What does it mean? In the first place I think we can agree that the HST is a better tax than […]


Assessments Are Out

Property assessments are out, and as any of you who own property know, they’ve gone up. West Van’s have gone up 13%. Vancouver’s are up something like 12%. Greater Vancouver overall rose about 17%, as is Richmond. How does that correspond with the benchmark values we saw in the last stats release? Vancouver – Assessment […]