Daily List/Sell & 5 Day Rolling Average

This graph tracks the daily list/sell as well as an average of the previous 5 days, or the 5 day rolling average. The rolling average smooths out some of the volatility. Daily list/sells can vary by as much as 50 percentage points from one day to the next, so the 5 day rolling average is helpful.

A list/sell is the number of listings taken each day divided by the number of sales. It is an indication of how quickly we’re working through inventory. High list/sells have been characteristic of the Lower Mainland market for quite a while now, but there are still some general guidelines. List/sells of over 75% tend to lead to price increases. Times, when our market is slowing tend to have list/sells below 50%.

List/sell can also be somewhat relative; most markets seldom see list/sells over 75%, while in the Lower Mainland they are common. That means that a flat line at 75% may not mean prices will rise, but could instead just signify business as usual.

More important is the direction of the trend. When the list/sell is falling it could be safe to assume that prices will follow. When it is rising the reverse can often occur.


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