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MLS Search Veteran or Newbie?

If you’ve used MLS searches on VOWs before you can skip the instructions and go directly to the search portal below. You will have to sign up to search here, but don’t worry, I won’t spam you.

Instructions for conducting an MLS search through my VOW:

    1. Sign up. When you press the “Sign Up” tab you’ll get a pop-up like this:MLS search signup form
      You’ll need to put in your name, email and phone number, and then enter the verification code to prove you’re human. Don’t worry about putting in your email. I won’t spam you.
    2. If you’ve already signed up you can proceed directly to logging in. Press the “Log In” tab and you’ll see this screen:
      MLS Search login screen
      You need to use the email that you registered with and your own password.
    3. Once you’ve logged in you have 5 MLS search options: Area Search, Google Map Search, Simple Search, MLS# Search and Address Search. Explore each option to determine which you prefer.


On the Google Map search there is an instructional video that you may find useful.